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  1. Admin Tab

  2. Administrator

  3. Agent

  4. AMD (Answering Machine Detection)

  5. Assigning Leads to Agents

  6. Campaign Report Status Meanings

  7. Campaigns Tab

  8. Carrier Error

  9. Contact View Tab

  10. Dial Rate Override

  11. DNC (Do Not Call)

  12. Dropped Calls

  13. Export Tab

  14. Home Tab

  15. Hosted Dialer Predictive Dialer Features

  16. How can a dialer help

  17. How Do I Upload Leads To My Dialer

  18. How does the dialer look when calling leads?

  19. How to Add a Phone Book Entry

  20. How to Add a Web Form Link

  21. How to Allow Manual Calls to Record

  22. How to Allow Manual Calls to Record

  23. How To Begin Placing Calls

  24. How to Call Newest Leads

  25. How to Call Scheduled Call Backs

  26. How to Change Admin Password

  27. How to Change Agent Hold Music

  28. How to Change Agent Passwords

  29. How to Change Manual Dial Caller ID Settings

  30. How to Change Predictive Dialer Caller ID Settings

  31. How to change the dialer connection

  32. How to Change the Time Zone

  33. How to Change X-Lite Sound Settings

  34. How to Change Zoiper Sound Settings

  35. How to Check for Duplicates

  36. How to Clear Cache and Cookies

  37. How to Configure CRM Integration

  38. How to Configure The Dial Out Method

  39. How To Configure X-Lite

  40. How to Configure Zoiper

  41. How to Create a Manual Dial Campaign

  42. How to Create a New Campaign

  43. How to Create a Voice Broadcast Campaign

  44. How to Create an Inbound Only Campaign

  45. How to Create and Send Emails From the Dialer

  46. How to Create Custom Dispositions

  47. How to Create Custom Fields

  48. How to Create Scripts

  49. How to Create Surveys

  50. How to Create Voice Broadcasting Surveys & Polls

  51. How to Customize Voice Broadcasting Database Fields

  52. How to delete blank rows in Excel

  53. How to Display Agent Productivity

  54. How to Display Graph Stats

  55. How to Disposition the Call

  56. How to Edit Agent Permissions and Privileges

  57. How to Export CDR

  58. How to Find Previous Call Data

  59. How To Get Started

  60. How to Get Started on Hosted Dialer

  61. How to Install X-Lite Softphone

  62. How to Kick Idle Agents

  63. How to Listen In to Live Calls

  64. How to Listen to Campaign Recordings

  65. How to Listen to Manual Called Recordings

  66. How to Listen to Recordings

  67. How to Make a Manual Dial

  68. How to Manage Voice Broadcasting DNC List

  69. How to Manage Your Do Not Call List (DNC)

  70. How to Merge CSV Cells

  71. How to Merge Fields in Emails

  72. How to Monitor Agents

  73. How to Navagate Phone Trees in X-Lite

  74. How to Place a 3 way call

  75. How to Play a Message Live

  76. How to Play a Message to Live Answer

  77. How to Re-Schedule a Scheduled Call Back

  78. How to Record on Demand

  79. How to Recycle All Of Your Leads

  80. How to Recycle Leads in the Dialer

  81. How to Recycle No Answers Only

  82. How to Remove Duplicate Leads

  83. How to Remove Leads While Dispositioning

  84. How to Run Agent Specific Reports

  85. How to run Campaign Reports

  86. How to Run Voice Broadcasting Reports

  87. How to Save Leads in CSV Format

  88. How to Save Notes

  89. How to Schedule Callbacks

  90. How to Scrub leads after uploading

  91. How to Search for Recordings

  92. How to send emails from the dialer

  93. How to Set an Agent Not Available Message

  94. How to Set up Inbound Numbers

  95. How to Sort Reports By Date

  96. How to Tell UTC Time

  97. How to transfer calls

  98. How to turn webcam off in X-Lite

  99. How to update lead information

  100. How to Upload a Pre-Recorded Message

  101. How to Upload a Sound File to Voice Broadcasting Campaign

  102. How to Upload an Abandon Message

  103. How to Upload Leads to a Voice Broadcasting Campaign

  104. How to upload to your DNC list

  105. How to Use the Campaign Reset Button

  106. How to use the Dial In Method

  107. How to View Admin Reports

  108. How to View Agent Call Activity

  109. How to View Agent Reports

  110. How to View Previous Calls

  111. How to View Progress Stats

  112. How to View Voice Broadcasting Call Details

  113. Limit Calling Hours

  114. List View Tab

  115. Refill Minutes

  116. Removing bad leads from the dialer

  117. Requirements for a Predictive Dialer

  118. Settings Tab

  119. Splitting Cell Data in Excel

  120. Test X-Lite Configuration

  121. Uploading/Pasting a DNC List

  122. What are SIP Settings

  123. What are the internet speed requirements?

  124. What are the MAC requirements?

  125. What are the PC requirements?

  126. What does "Unable to Connect due to FCC Error Rate" mean?

  127. What does 404 Registration Error mean

  128. What does 408 - Request Timed Out mean

  129. What Does ERROR 500 Mean

  130. What is a Predictive Dialer

  131. What is a Softphone?

  132. What is an Abandon Rate

  133. What is Predictive Mode

  134. What is the List View

  135. What is the Pre-Recorded Sound File Format

  136. What is Voice Broadcasting

  137. Why Are My Leads Gone

  138. Why Can't I Upload Leads

  139. Why Can't My Customers Hear Me

  140. Why do my pie charts seem wrong?

  141. Why is Google Chrome Crashing

  142. Wrong email address or password. Try Again error

  143. X-Lite Not Connecting

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